RAQCOP = IPCop + Cobalt Raq, Cobalt Raq Firewall Applicance Software, Velociraptor Software Upgrade.
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Raqcop = IPCop for Sun Cobalt Raq's.


Raqcop 2.1.5 is available as an update or fresh install via prebuilt images or an iso image that can be used in a donor machine or VirtualBox, VMWare or other. Detailed instructions are in the download section of this site.

From IPCop:
In addition to several updates to software used in IPCop,
v2.1.5 adds CA certificates to better support SSL/TLS email.

If you choose to update, you may lose your web gui due to httpd being off once the update completes. I had one machine work just fine and a few that I simply had to ssh in and run restarthttpd so if this happens, don't panic, ssh will still work to get the gui started before rebooting. A reboot IS required since this update contains a kernel upgrade.

If you had to edit makegraphs to use Google's dns or any pingable address of your choosing rather than your isp's gateway to ping against, you will have to edit makegraphs.pl the same way as the Note below. In a future upgrade I will move the variable to a value that gets saved in the backups and is external to makegraphs.pl so you don't have to edit makegraphs.pl every time it is upgraded in IPCop itself. Sorry for the inconvenience once again if you need to edit makegraphs.pl.

Of interest, if one wants to return the graphs to the stock IPCop version, it can be done by simply replacing the makegraphs.pl file in /usr/local/bin with the stock IPCop version. I can guide you to it if you want to go this route.


Raqcop 2.1.1 is available in both update and fresh install form. Raqcop 2.1.2 through 2.1.4 are available as an updates only. To install from scratch, you must install Raqcop 2.1.1 from one of the documented methods first and then perform the 2.1.2 through 2.1.4 updates in sequence. See the Note below for makegraphs.pl instructions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Note: The addition of a link quality graph starting in 2.1.1 may require hand editing in the makegraphs script if your isp gateway does not allow pinging. In /usr/local/bin/makegraphs. This was changed to makegraphs.pl after 2.1.1. You will see lines at approximately lines 696 and 697 as such:

my $LQ_GATEWAY="$remoteip"; # Your ISP's Gateway, Comment Out if Not Pingable.
#my $LQ_GATEWAY="$remoteip2"; # Google DNS, Uncomment if ISP Gateway Not Pingable.

If you aren't getting anything but lost packets, it likely means that your isp gateway is not pingable. Comment out line 696 and uncomment line 697. Line 697 refers to a function on line 54  which reads: my $remoteip2 = ""; # Google DNS
This can be changed to anything you desire to measure ping time against.

As always, the 2.10.3 ext3 rom is required in order to run Raqcop.

Detailed guide showing how to flash the Raq3 or Raq4 ROM for use with RaqCop. Click here for the guide.

Symantec VelociRaptor Users:

RaqCop also works great on a Symantec VelociRaptor. Some VelociRaptor's, including the VelociRaptor 500, 700, 1000 and 1100 are nearly identical to Sun Cobalt's in hardware specs. If you own a VelociRaptor and are looking for a new software upgrade, RaqCop is the Solution for you!

Raqcop.com History:

RaqCop.com was founded in October 2007 to utilize the hardened Linux and very stable IPCop Firewall on Sun Cobalt Raq / Symantec VelociRaptor Hardware. IPCop is by far the worlds best Linux firewall distribution and paired with a Sun Cobalt Raq or VelociRaptor, it makes a perfect inexpensive custom router / firewall.

Other Useful Information from Our Sponsors:

The Team:


RaqCop Guru / Chief Design Engineer


Project Management / Website Admin / Testing

Join Us in Our Mission:

If you would like to join our team or feel you have ANYTHING, yes I mean ANYTHING to offer us, please contact one or all of us. We are currently looking for anyone who could help us with the Front Panel LCD Functionality of the Raq's (Perl Coder Needed). Currently RaqCop displays bandwidth info on the LCD but the buttons do not have functionality like StrongBolt or the Original Raq OS from Sun. Any testers are also very welcome! Furthermore, any help from the creators of IPCop is also highly welcome and would be much appreciated. Thanks for your interest and we hope you enjoy!

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